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TrioTones is a chamber ensemble consisting of three unique performers – Veronika Brádlová (clarinet), Vojtěch Urban (cello) and Michaela Hajíčková (piano). In the 2022/23 season, the ensemble celebrated its 10th anniversary since its foundation in 2012. It has featured the same players throughout its existence. TrioTones performs compositions by well-known authors, but also expands its repertoire with new compositions (see Repertoire). In 2019, Roman Haas’ composition “La suite minimalistika” was created directly for the TrioTones ensemble. Together with other Czech compositions, this composition is also to be recorded on a CD for the company ArcoDiva Prague this year.

The ensemble has achieved success in national and international competitions. The trio gained valuable experience on courses with our and foreign performers and pedagogues. Among them are, for example, Vovka Ashkenazy, Štěpán Koutník, Milan Řericha and others.

Sponsors and partners of the upcoming CD with Czech music for ArcoDiva Prague:

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